Rosewater Farm and Dairy

About us

The goal at Rosewater Farm & Dairy is to produce food for our customers that is not only palatable and nutritious but environmentally sustainable as well.

Our belief is that modern methods have rendered exploitation of the natural world obsolete. Regenerative agriculture can be implemented so as to achieve the highest standard of quality and, all the while, leaving resources for posterity.

Our Story

Mark and Kristina Hostetler, co-founders and owners of Rosewater Farm & Dairy, LLC started building their farm back in 2013 when they purchased their first dairy breed, Milking Devons, from a genetically focused breeder in New York.

With two heifers and one bull they began to grow their grass-fed dairy herd Indianapolis, IN and now continue to grow their farm in Milford, IN.

Meet the Farmhands

Mark grew up on the family-owned land that Rosewater Farm & Dairy now occupies. He attended school at Purdue University, Indiana, and Cardiff University, Wales. He managed a farm for roughly 5 years in Indianapolis where he was able to hone his farming skills and knowledge until he felt it was time to start a farm he and Kristina could own.
Kristina grew up west of Indianapolis as a “City Girl” but thankfully had farming influences from her grandparents. She went to school to be a Veterinary Technician, which is how she met and started dating Mark in 2012. They bought a dog, then a few cows, started a farm, got married, and together now own and operate Rosewater Farm and Dairy.
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