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In addition to owning and operating Rosewater Farm and Dairy, Mark enjoys lending his knowledge and skills to support other farmers.

Mark is a territory manager for Byron Seeds, the Midwest’s largest distributor of High Energy seeds. Mark has a passion for high energy forages, cover crops, and lean farming techniques. Mark applies his experience as a farmer, along with his college education to guide clients with research, support, and quality products.


Mark Hostetler
North East Territory Manager (N. Indiana & Michigan)
(574) 274-2454


Forage Cover Crops

Cover crops have a significant positive impact in drought years, which, in practice, levels out some of the peaks and valleys in corn production. With all the peaks and valleys in commodity prices, providing stability is the most important reason to utilize cover crops and stick with them year in and year out.

Organic Seed Mixes

We support the organic farming movement. We believe that there is a need for good, healthy forage for our livestock and good, healthy food for our families. It seems that others agree with us because there is an ever-increasing demand for a source of unmodified food and forage.


We recommend our mainline non-GMO KingFisher® with our organic approved SureStand Hydro Seed Treatment. This treatment was developed to ensure better stands and seedling survival in less than ideal weather conditions.
Red Clover
Renegade—an upright, vigorous, high-yielding three-year clover—is great for both hay and pasture production. It does well with alfalfa at 5 to 7 lb. per acre. And like all clovers, it has bypass protein levels that are about twice as high as those in alfalfa.


Byron Seeds searches the world for the best seeds to ensure that you receive the best product for your investment.

We subject potential candidates to rigorous research including

  • Test plots to determine yield and quality potential.
  • Field growth, evaluating agronomics, disease and pest resistance, and persistence.
  • Lab tests for forage quality.
  • Livestock feeding to get its real value in a ration.
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